The right consulting for each sector

IT and Digital

Spring Professional IT and Digital - thanks to recruiters and head hunters that are experts in the various professional areas - has significant expertise in searching for and selecting professionals who work in the architecture of computer systems, data processing, design, development, systems, consulting and administration and management in ICT and digital fields.


Spring Professional Engineering is an expert in searching for and selecting personnel among professionals and qualified technicians in sectors such as productive engineering, design, systems engineering, energy production and construction. All these sectors require profiles with the utmost experience and specialisation.


In-depth knowledge of the finance and the labour markets makes Spring Professional Finance one of the leading companies in the field of personnel selection for the Financial sector. The team of consultants and head hunters, specialised in this field and in its roles, works every day to satisfy the needs of clients in both the financial and accounting sectors.

Banking & Insurance

This is one of the main divisions in the company, thanks to the substantial knowledge that Spring Professional has of the dynamics of the labour market and also thanks to its leading position in the field of searching for and selecting personnel in the Banking & Insurance sector.

Sales & Marketing

Spring Professional is very successful in searching and selection for the Sales & Marketing sector. In order to better satisfy the needs of candidates and clients, Spring Professional has divided the Sales & Marketing division into two specific areas: Sales and Marketing.


Spring Professional stands out in the Retail sector: the service is perfectly modelled to the needs and challenges typical of the search and selection processes applied to this professional field.

Our services:

Middle management search and selection

Spring Professional deals with searching for and selecting middle management professionals (professionals in the uppermost employee levels, supervisors and senior managers). Thanks to a team of head hunters and consultants with in-depth expertise in the labour market and the reference sector, Spring Professional is capable of completing recruiting projects that guarantee acquisition of the most suitable professionals for the requires role and position.


Thanks to the skill and expertise of its consultants, Spring Professional is capable of understanding the client's needs and implementing the best solution for their business. By understanding the clients needs in terms of selecting and searching for personnel, thanks to its specialisation in a variety of sectors, Spring Professional finds tailor-made solutions for even the most complex businesses.


This is a selection/assessment method designed to analyse the skills and competences of candidates: Personal interviews are combined with group interviews performed by highly specialised assessors. Assessments are necessary to observe competences, attitudes and abilities: our assessment system allows us to design, administer and manage tests that fit the client's needs.


The RPO service outsources the selection processes, taking responsibility for executing and managing the selection processes, working to improve efficiency. To this end, Spring provides a designated structure and assigns one or more consultants to the client. These consultants will deal exclusively with satisfying the company's selection needs.
The client may choose to externalise all roles (internal and external) for the selecting personnel, or only certain selection processes, for all profiles or only for specific profiles.
The client's advantages from an RPO solution are two-fold – cost savings and improving the selected talent. Depending on the specific characteristics and requirements of each company, an RPO solution may offer all or some of the following advantages:
Cost savings:
  • - The clients no longer need to cover the expense of acquiring and managing external tools for assessment and selection purposes.
  • - Thanks to our method, we are capable of optimising RPO processes, improving their effectiveness and efficiency, and transforming these improvements into savings for our clients.
  • - We also deal with planning. In a single RPO solution, the client may act on the overall selection costs, while maintaining complete control over the situation.
  • - The RPO service takes full responsibility for the selection roles, and the client is no longer forced to trust other external suppliers, thus reducing expenses for external consulting.
  • - Improving the selected talent:
  • - Contributing to improving the image of the client's company, we attract the most auspicious candidates.
  • - Our selection tools (use of the employer’s logo, the publication of multiple ads, online data banks for pre-selection phases, etc.) allow us to identify all available talent, increasing the number of options from which the best candidate may be chosen.
  • - Our selection method allows us always to find the best candidate possible for each company.
  • - The analysis of processes associated with the RPO service allows us to identify any areas to be improved, and to implement precise plans of action, with the purpose of optimising processes and, subsequently, improving the level of the selected candidates. After all, our work is based on a philosophy of ongoing improvement.

The Spring Professional team operates with a specific work method:

  1. We join forces:assigning a specialised consultant to acquire the broadest possible knowledge of the business, structure, challenges and culture of the company.
  2. Specific needs of the post:the consultant identifies the requisites necessary to meet the selection needs, and on this bases defines the search method.
  3. Profile examination: it is essential to understand the technical and personal qualities of the desired profile.
  4. Search:searching for and selecting profiles through all kinds of social networks, direct channels (for executive profiles), networking and exclusive Group tools, characterised by a high level of know-how and technology.
  5. Candidate filtering:the potential candidates are selected, and subsequently a first interview is held.
  6. Progress report:the client is kept constantly up-to-date and any questions are promptly answered.
  7. Interviews:each candidate that Spring puts in contact with the client has been subjected to an in-depth interview with Spring consultants, in order to better understand their competences, qualities and skills.
  8. Assessment:assessment and categorising tests are carried out and all references are verified, in order to provide a complete report on the candidate.
  9. Candidate proposal:only the most suitable candidates among those subjected to an interview are presented to the client.
  10. Interview management:: Spring manages interviews between the company and the candidate, from preparation to subsequent verification.
  11. Offer:Spring manages the offer and acts as a consultant between the client and their ideal candidate.
  12. Follow-up: After selection, the candidate is followed in order to make sure he/she fits into the position and the company in a positive manner.