Become a Selecting Consultant for Spring Italia

There are few professions as stimulating and gratifying as working as a personnel selection consultant. To fill this role, you need an agile and dynamic profile.

One of the main duties of a Spring Professional personnel selecting consultant is to attract new clients. Spring Professional consultants are involved in all phases of the selection process, from the development of new commercial opportunities through calls for initial contact, to consulting for companies in relation to their needs in terms of selection, interviews and the skill set required for candidates in relation to their professional goals. The last phase is to recruit the most suitable person for the position.

Spring consultants play a crucial role in presenting candidates to the clients, and in providing specific services for both parties involved.

Become a Manager for Spring Italia

Sector managers at Spring Italia are responsible for strategy, performance, and development in a specific company unit.

Their work is aimed at constantly improving the results achieved by their team and at sticking to the key performance indicators in terms of company strategy. Managers select, train and motivate their team of personnel search professionals, encouraging marketing activities, consolidating their network of contacts, and developing new commercial opportunities. Becoming a sector manager at Spring Professional is not only a stimulating and gratifying profession, it is also a great step forward in your career in the world of personnel selection.

Job offers

A fast growing company, at Spring Professional we are always looking for expert professionals to add to our team, both nationally and internationally. If you think you have the qualities and experience to be successful in a challenging environment like ours, please contact us by email at the following address:

Professionals in search of talent

Spring Professional specialised consultants boast substantial experience in searching for and selecting personnel. Thanks to an exclusive assessment tool and to scientific rigour, Spring Professional analyses the main skills required for a candidate to successfully perform the required duties, along with the expertise of our head hunters. The system for assessing professionals is based on a broad range of skills that can be adapted to any company. Similarly, Spring's assessment tool consists of a large range of tests, used to verify skills, knowledge and personality. Spring's head hunters are capable of understanding the specific situations in the various sectors, the complexity of the profiles they are searching for and the procedures used by our client companies.Considering our experience in head hunting, Spring also has a designated team assigned to searching for highly specialised and qualified profiles: this team is made up of professionals capable of working with the tools typical of head hunters, and therefore different from those used to select personnel for non-managerial roles.

A success story

At Spring Professional, we are proud of the solid reputation we have built by working with a wide variety of organisations, helping them to manage their needs and strategies in searching for and selecting talent, in addition to head hunting for candidates to fill the required positions.
Our commitment to our clients, the transparency of our processes, and our constant investments in innovation guarantee the success of all our selecting and recruiting solutions.

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