At Spring Professional we use an expert to expert approach

1) We join forces

Assigning a specialised consultant to acquire the broadest possible knowledge of the business, structure, challenges and culture of the company

2) Specific needs of the post

The consultant identifies the requisites necessary to meet the selection needs, and on this bases defines the search method.

3) Profile examination

It is essential to understand the technical and personal qualities of the desired profile.

4) Search

Searching for and selecting profiles through all kinds of social networks, direct channels (for executive profiles), networking and exclusive Group tools, characterised by a high level of know-how and technology.

5) Candidate filtering

The potential candidates are selected, and subsequently a first interview is held.

6) Progress report

The client is constantly kept up-to-date, and any questions are promptly answered.

7) Interviews

Each candidate that Spring puts in contact with the client has been subjected to an in-depth interview with Spring consultants, in order to better understand their competence, qualities and skills.

8) Assessment

Assessment and categorising tests are carried out and all references are verified, in order to provide a complete report on the candidate.

9) Candidate proposal

Only the most suitable candidates among those subjected to an interview are presented to the client.

10) Interview management

Spring manages interviews between the company and the candidate, from preparation to subsequent verification.

11) Offer

Spring manages the offer and acts as a consultant between the client and their ideal candidate.

12) Follow-up

After selection, the candidate is followed in order to make sure he/she fits into the position and the company in a positive manner.

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