Spring Professional Sales & Marketing

In order to satisfy in the best possible manner the needs of both clients and candidates in the Sales & Marketing field, and to respond to the market's needs, Spring Professional has divided this sector into 2 specific areas:

  • -      Sales
  • -      Marketing

Spring Professional Sales

Spring Professional Sales is specialised in searching for and selecting personnel for profiles in the sales sector. The selected professionals have proven experience and solid skills in promoting the sales of products and services. Spring Professional understands that the ability of a company's representatives in the field are at the foundation of its commercial success.

That is why the head hunting process is based on a strict method, which is essential for finding the most suitable professional for the client's needs. 

Spring Professional has expertise in the selection of the following profiles:

  • -      Account Manager 
  • -      Sales Representative 
  • -      Head of sales team 
  • -      Head of regional sales
  • -      Head of national sales 
  • -      Business Developer
  • -      Key Account Manager 
  • -      Key Account Regional Manager 
  • -      National Key Account Manager 
  • -      Export Technician
  • -      Export Manager 
  • -      Commercial Director


Spring Professional Marketing

The Marketing Division at Spring Professional was created to satisfy the needs of this ever evolving market. In order to offer a better service and to understand the needs of both candidates and clients, Spring's specialised head hunters boast solid experience in searching for and selecting profiles in sectors such as marketing, communication, advertising, public relations and event organisation. The Marketing Division works closely with an extensive client portfolio, particularly in companies belonging to a variety of sectors: ordinary consumption goods, cosmetics, luxury products, telecommunications, banks, insurance companies, etc. Candidates show excellent skills in strategic planning, communication skills, creativity and initiative.

Spring Professional has expertise in the selection of the following profiles:

  • -      Marketing Director
  • -      Brand Manager
  • -      Product Manager
  • -      Marketing Specialist
  • -      Trade Marketing Manager
  • -      Marketing Planning Manager
  • -      Business Intelligence

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