Spring Professional Engineering 

Professionals in the engineering sector

Spring Professional Engineering is an expert at searching for and selecting professionals and qualified technicians in sectors such as productive engineering, design, systems engineering, energy production and construction, all sectors that require specialised expert profiles.

Spring's consultants are always up-to-date on developments in all sectors and on the profiles requested both nationally and internationally, in order to satisfy companies' needs.

Spring Professional is the leading company that searches for and selects personnel for the following profiles:

  • - Production managers
  • - Facility supervisors
  • - Quality managers
  • - Process supervisors
  • - System supervisors
  • - Logistics supervisors
  • - Aeronautical structure engineers
  • - Time measurement method engineers
  • - Planning engineers
  • - Project engineers in a variety of sectors
  • - Electrical and electronic engineers
  • - Design engineers
  • - Research, development and innovation engineers
  • - Maintenance engineers
  • - Structural calculation engineers
  • - Commercial engineers

Spring Professional lavora e si interfaccia con:

  • - Companies in the aeronautical and aerospace sectors
  • - Companies in the automotive sector
  • - Companies in the automation sector
  • - Companies in the oil and gas sectors
  • - Companies in the construction sector
  • - Companies in the logistics sector
  • - Companies in the manufacturing sector
  • - Companies in the systems sector
  • - Aziende del settore impiantistica

These particular positions require high technical-functional levels, in addition to the specific strategic and company vision required by the sector.

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